BUT HOW LIKES THE RINGS‼️…and each of them has a very precise and special meaning for us, especially in the way you wear theme.❤️

It must be said that always, every age (since the most ancient a man’s memory has always had a precise mode of wearing it and the current one has one really special, COOL, which openly revisits the style 70’s/80’s but that above all there like it VERY MUCH.🚀

The rings (without any delay) we will wear them, mixing them together several: 🔸from the most voluminous to the most subtle and eclectic 🔸with stones or without 🔸with the metal of any color (whether it be Gold or Steel we can choose them as we like theme: yellow and/or white and/or pink and/or black)…and at the same time we can wear theme in all fingers, “filling” the hand like an exotic gypsy, without losing the freshness…and if the hand will be “over” STILL BETTER because it will be the added value of a hand with a story from tell.💃

✅The fingers to “dress” will be ESPECIALLY (in order of preference): 🖐index, 🖐thumb, 🖐medium, 🖐pinkie

⚠️I recommend however: ATTENTION to the size/length of the hand/fingers in the choice of rings, that will always have to maintain the right proportion‼️

…so let’s dress our hand Let’s dress it with infinite “gleam” letting it speak for us, with its magic intensity, al whole word💫❤️🙏🌍🚀

🇮🇹 https://wp.me/p8qyAE-oy

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